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AusLogics BoostSpeed โปรแกรมทำให้เครื่องเร็ว

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AusLogics BoostSpeed โปรแกรมทำให้เครื่องเร็ว

"Cleaning the computer disk from unnecessary files
"Cleaning the registry of errors and unnecessary entries
"Find and delete duplicate files
Defragment your hard drive
Defragment the registry to improve performance
"The acceleration and optimization of Internet connection
Defragment and clean the computer's memory
"Clear browser history, programs, and removal of traces
"Lock the possible ways to incursions into the computer from the outside
"Secure deletion of files and folders from your computer
"Full disk scrubbing from previously deleted files
"Setting up the operating system using the hidden features
"Setting up system services on your system
"Managing the installed programs and delete them
"Manage the list of programs at startup
"Get detailed information about your system
"View running processes with detailed information about each process
"Rapid access to integrated tools Windows.

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